Public Lectures

The Jewish Studies Public Lecture Series is now in its twenty-fifth year.
Throughout the academic year, renowned scholars from Europe, Israel and America deliver lectures on various Jewish topics, covering the range of Jewish history, philosophy, sociology, religion, culture, and Jewish/Gentile relations. These lectures are widely attended by students and faculty at CEU as well as members of the general public.  Many of the lectures can be found in the volumes of the Jewish Studies Yearbook. 


November 3, 2020 (online)
What's Love Got to Do with It? The Emotional Language of Early Zionism
Derek Penslar, Harvard University

January 26, 2021 (online)
The European Jewish Millennium: The Rise and Fall of Jewish Presence in Europe
Daniel Staetsky
, Institute for Jewish Policy Research, London

March 30, 2021 (online)
"Zionism": A Changing Concept in Socialist Europe
Attila Novák
, National University of Public Service, Budapest

May 4, 2021 (online)
International Jewish Humanitarianism in the Age of the Great War
Jaclyn Granick, Cardiff University