MA graduates and theses


Mihaela Groza
A Tale of Two Sites: Jewish Heritage Protection and Interpretation in a Transylvanian City
CEU Cultural Heritage Studies

Constanze Jeitler
"The Bethlehem of the German Reich": Remembering and Forgetting Hitler's Birthplace in Braunau am Inn, 1933-1955
CEU History Department

Olga Kartashova
Holocaust History between Liberation and Sovietization: The Publications of the Central Jewish Historical Commission in Poland 1945-1947
CEU History Department

Gabriella Komoly
Bystanders of the Holocaust in Budapest: A Typology Based on the Narrative Reconstruction of “Onlookers”
CEU Nationalism Studies

Dóra Lantos
Anthropomorphic Aspects of the Rabbinic Tradition in Thirteenth-Century Jewish-Christian Polemics
CEU Medieval Studies

Luisa von Richthofen
"French Apocalypse"? The Internment of "Enemy Aliens" in France (1939-1940)
CEU History Department



Takuro Irohira
Zionism in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: Photojournalism Designs a National Self-Image for Hungarian Jewry, 1933-44
CEU Nationalism Studies

Anna Kupinska
"Mending the World" in Approaches of Hassidism and Reform Judaism: The Piaseczner Rabbi Kalonymus Kalmish Shapira and the Philosopher Emil L. Fackenheim on the Holocaust
CEU History Department

Biljana Lalic
"Today the Situation with Jews in Croatia is Just Ugly": From Division to Pluralism in Croatian Jewish Community
CEU Nationalism Studies

Eszter Neuberger
Anti-Liberalism and Antisemitsm in Dualist Hungary: The Ruthenian Action
CEU Nationalism Studies

Željka Oparnica
Jews as the Ottoman Legacy: Customs of Governance in the Serbian Princedom
CEU History Department



Maryna Batsman
Crafting a Jewish School System for Soviet Ukraine: Interwar Nationality Policies and Yiddish Pedagogical Writing
CEU History Department

Agnes Kende
A Comparative Perspective on the Memorialisation of the Holocaust in Germany and Hungary: The Role of the Actors in Constructing Memory, 1990-2014
CEU History Department

Lovro Kralj
The Ustashe Politics of Ethnic Cleansing: Relation between the State-Organized and Wild Ethnic Cleansing in the Independent State of Croatia during 1941
CEU History Department

Levente Olosz
Facts and Debates about the Integration of the Hungarian Speaking Jews into Israeli Society (1948-1955)
CEU History Department

Liat Sivek
Yom Ṭov Lipmann’s Stairway to Heaven: Cosmology and Kabbalah in Late Medieval Jewish Custom
CEU Medieval Studies Department



Péter Buchmüller
Jews and Non-Jews in a West Hungarian Township under the Interwar 'Christian Course', with Special Reference to Local Press Reports
CEU History Department

Agnes Kelemen
Leaving an Antisemitic Regime for a Fascist Country: The Hungarian Numerus Clausus Refugees in Italy
CEU Nationalism Studies

Daria Kovaleva
The Trope of Kyra as a Jewish Female Intermediary in the Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Imperial Harem: Theory and Practice, Fiction and History
CEU Medieval Studies Department

Aleksandra Kubica
Post-Jedwabne Debate Controversies in Poland: History, Memory and their Advocates
CEU Nationalism Studies

Isaac Daniel Moore
Subverting Modernity: Francoist Spain's Rescue of Sephardim in Greece and Budapest during the Holocaust
CEU History Department

Ana Ćirić Pavlović
Sephardi Pride: Jewish Associational Networks and Ethnic Modernity in Interwar Sarajevo
CEU History Department



Olga Petrova
The Jewish Question in the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1920, as Seen through the Kamianets Podilsky Daily Newspaper "Ukraiina" of 1919-1920
CEU History Department

Anastasiia Strakhova
The Image of America on the Pages of the Russian-Jewish Journal "Voskhod" (1881-1906)
CEU History Department

Ráchel Surányi
"If you Want to Adjust Israel to Yourself, You Will be Disappointed": Identification and Integration of Hungarian Jews in Israel
CEU Nationalism Studies

Eszter Weinberger
Hungarian Jewish Identity: The Influence of Living in Israel on Jewish Identity
CEU Nationalism Studies



Pamela Abels
Paths to Americanization: Jewish Voices from Pittsburgh
CEU Nationalism Studies

Alma Igra
Meatropolis: Tel Aviv's Slaughterhouse and Demarcation of Urban-National Boundaries in Palestine, 1927-1938
CEU Nationalism Studies

Borbála Klacsmann
The Reception of the Early Zionist Movement in Budapest (1897-1914) 
CEU History Department

Eszter Losonczi 
The Visual Patterns of the Wandering Jew in the Late Middle Ages
CEU Medieval Studies Department

Tiffany Pransky
Boundaries of Belonging: Conversion in Israel's Law of Return
CEU Nationalism Studies



Daniela Bartakova
Comparative Study of Tchelet Lavan and Hashomer Hatzair in Czechoslovakia (1918-1938)
CEU Nationalism Studies

Noémi Karsay
Community Building and Identity Construction in the Moishe House / Dor Hadash Community in Budapest
CEU Nationalism Studies

Andor Kelenhegyi
Commentaries on the Song of Songs: a Possible Jewish-Christian Polemics
CEU Medieval Studies Department

Magdaléna Starková
Jewish Juvenile Literature in Interwar Czechoslovakia as a Mirror of Identity Search
CEU History Department

Lyudmyla Sukhareva
Narratives of Glory and Suffering: A Comparative Analysis of Ukrainian and Jewish Historiography
CEU Nationalism Studies

Jessica Taylor-Tudzin
Holocaust Memorials in Budapest, Hungary, 1986-2010: Through the Words of the Memorial Artists
CEU History Department

Csaba Tóth
Scholarship as Cultural Representation: Hungarian Jewish Folklore and Ethnography in the Denominational Press (1884-1918)
CEU History Department



Evgeny Yurievitch Belyakov
The Problems of Dissent and Jewish Emigration in Soviet-US Détente (1968-1975)
CEU History Department

Joseph Dana
Between Influence and Authority: The Rabbinate of the Seventeenth Century Portuguese Jewish Community of Amsterdam
CEU History Department

Gene Matthew Fielden
"Never Again Germany, Solidarity with Israel!": Origins of the Anti-Anti-Semitic Current Among the German Far Left, 1989-2010
CEU History Department

Tadas Janusauskas
Becoming Lithuanian: Jewish Acculturation in the Interwar Period
CEU Nationalism Studies

Karina Shyrokykh
Jewish Politics in Austrian Bukovina: Czernowitz Yiddish conference of 1908
CEU Nationalism Studies

András Sziklai
Jewish Self-Conceptions in Fin-de-Siècle Hungary: the Eastern "Other"
CEU Nationalism Studies

Elana Suzanne Thurston-Milgrom
Verný and Wahr from A[ssimilationists] to Z[ionists]: An Exploration of Bohemia's Divided Interwar Jewish Population in Relation to Masaryk and the Czech Lands
CEU History Department

Pavel Andreyevich Vasilyev
Poisons of Civilization, Remnants of Capitalism, or Jewish Disease? Drug Addiction in Russian and German Medical Texts from the 1870s to the 1930s
CEU History Department

Mairav Zonszein
A Community Divided: the "Pro-Israel" Paradigm and American Jewry
CEU Nationalism Studies



István Pál Ádám
Post-Holocaust Pogroms in Hungary and Poland
CEU History Department

Moses Gans
Socially Engineering the "New" Jew, from Feminine Stereotypes to Heroic Masculinity: Jews, Gays, and Identity

Máté Rigó
Survival Strategies, Ghettoization and the Persecution of Jews in Budapest, 1944
CEU History Department

Ilya Yablokov
Between Reality and Myth: The Debates about the Israel Lobby in the United States and its Image in the Context of American Conspiracy Narrative
CEU Nationalism Studies



Mark Baczoni
Saviour of the Nation': the Judeo-Christian Messianic Ideal in Modern Political Nationalism
CEU Nationalism Studies

Tetyana Batanova
Jewish National Autonomy in Ukraine 1917-1918: Institutional Organization, Self-Perception Attitudes, and Historiographical Interpretations
CEU History Department

Joshua Buzzel
Late Nineteenth Century Zionism and Political Need for Subversion of the Messianic Idea

Maria Christina Frank
"The Jew's Face Grins Everywhere but in the Trenches!" Emancipation and Jewish Soldiers in World War I Germany
CEU Nationalism Studies

Petra Jurlina
Jewish Political Identity in Interwar Yugoslavia: Whose Flag to Hoist?
CEU Nationalism Studies

Octavian Silvestru
Opportunistic Politicking and "Necessary Nationalism" in Romania: Anti-Semitism in the Context of the 1879 Revision of the Constitution
CEU History Department

Krzysztof Jerzy Palosz
Anti-Semitism in the Polish Cultural Code and the Discussion on the Shape of Polish Nation
CEU Nationalism Studies

Sára Zorándy
Hungarian Jewish Identity After the Six-Day War



Sofiya Grachova
The Past of Ukrainian Jews in General and Local Histories in Post-Soviet Ukraine
CEU History Department 

Anna Vasilyevna Kutuzova
An Imperialist Hawk: The Image of Israel in Soviet Caricatures (1947-1987)
CEU History Department 

Lukas Pribyl
Salaspils: a Case Study
CEU History Department

Zsolt Endre Veress
The Dynamic of Jewish Social Representations: a Case Study of Three Cities, Budapest, Cluj-Napoca, and Timisoara
CEU History Department



Kata Bohus 
Squaring the Circle: The Decline of the Israeli Left Wing with Special Emphasis on the Second Intifada
CEU Nationalism Studies

Krisztian Gabris
Cognitive Model of the Causal Explanation of Anti-Semitism on Hungarian Data
CEU Nationalism Studies

Iryna Gubenko
Jewish Institutions from Inside: Participants-Institutions' Goal Correlation
CEU History Department

Milena-Anna Hadrzynska
Jewish Attitudes toward the Polish National Question: the Case Study of Warsaw Jewry before and during the January Uprising of 1863
CEU History Department

Katarzyna Zuzanna Hajduk
Jedwabne: Neighbors, Poles, and the Question of Ethnic Violence
CEU History Department 



Zsófia Buda
Zoocephalic Figures in the Tripartite Mahzor
CEU Medieval Studies Department

Eszter Hajdú
Jewish and Rightist: "Going Against the Current", Hungarian Jewry with Right-Wing Attitudes after the Change of Regime
CEU Nationalism Studies

Stefan Cristian Ionescu
Echoes of a Forgotten Holocaust: the Jewish Survivors from Romania and the Remembrance of the Holocaust
CEU History Department

Ana Izvorska
The Reasons for the Emergence of Post-Zionism
CEU Nationalism Studies

Katalin Rác
Palestinian Arabs in Israel and Russian Speakers in Estonia: A Comparative Study of Ethnic Reconciliation and Minority Treatment
CEU Nationalism Studies



Raul Michael Carstocea
The Anti-Semitism of Corneliu Zelea Codreanu and The Legion of the Archangel Michael: a Psychoanalytical Perspective
CEU Nationalism Studies

Ksenia O. Gorbenko
A Quest for a Homeland: The Concept of Homelands among ex-Soviet Bukharan and Ashkenazi Jewish Immigrants in Vienna
CEU Nationalism Studies

Hana Klamková
The Presidential Exemptions from the Jewish Codex [in Wartime Slovakia]
CEU Nationalism Studies

Zachary Paul Levine
Redefining Jewish Cultural Space in Hungary: New-Type Jewish Leaders and the Reorientation of Hungarian Jewish Identity
CEU History Department

Ágota Kinga Nagy
The Profile of Jewish Society in Czernovitz between 1932-1935: A Case Study Based on the Bukovinian Newspaper Der Tag 
CEU History Department



Corina-Andreea Andreescu
The Jews in Communist Romania: a Dwindling Community 1945-1965

László Benke 
A Comparative Study of Jewish and Christian Vernacular Bible in Medieval Italy
CEU Medieval Studies Department

Marioara-Camelia Craciun
Jewish Intellectuals in Interwar Romania: Double Identity Facing Exclusion and Antisemitism
CEU Nationalism Studies

Vladimir Vladimirov Georgiev
The Bulgarian Jews in World War II: Context, Debates, and Rescue
CEU History Department

Ildikó Kovács
Linguistic Assimilation of Hungarian Orthodox Jewry
CEU Nationalism Studies

David Aaron Randall
American Jewish Politics and Diplomacy in Perspective: The Paris Peace Conference and the Evolution of the Polish Minorities Treaty, 1919
CEU Nationalism Studies

Martin Spott
Antisemitism in the Czechoslovak "Second Republic" (1938-1939)
CEU History Department



Ágnes Erdős
Hungarian Orthodox Jewish Opposition to Zionism
CEU History Department

Filip Franek
Normality and the Holocaust: The Sociological-Literary View
CEU Nationalism Studies

Martin Jaigma
Schooling of Estonian Social Elite during Interwar Period: Jewish and Estonian Students at Tartu University
CEU History Department

George Kozma
The Construction of Identity, its Relation to Gender Role Imbalance and Extreme Nationalism: The Background of the Denial of Antisemitism (A Psycho-Historical Case Study of Emma Ritoók, a Pre-War Hungarian Writer)
CEU Nationalism Studies

Ester Krausova
Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place: Problems of Restitution of Jewish Property in Bohemia and Moravia, 1945-1948
CEU History Department

Anna Kuropatnicka
The Place of Jews in Interwar Polish Society in the Light of the Debate over Ritual Slaughter
CEU Nationalism Studies

Tamás Visi
The Guide of the Perplexed as an Encoded Text : towards a New Methodology
CEU Medieval Studies Department



Gábor Csillag
Documenting Assimilation: Correlations Between the Cultural Semiotics of Jewish Tombstones and the Process of Assimilation in post-1867 Hungary
CEU History Department

Andrea Polgár
Andor Miklós' Career-Track, as an Exemplification of the Jewish Contribution to the Modernisation of the Hungarian Press and Supporting Contemporary Literature
CEU History Department

Ksenia Polouektova
Ideology and Practice: Conceptualizing and Shaping Israeli Identity, with Special Emphasis on the Role of Zionist Ideology and Official State Policies of Immigration and Immigrant Absorption
CEU Nationalism Studies



Marie Crhová
The Jewish National Politics in Czechoslovakia, 1918-1935
CEU History Department

László Csősz
From Emancipation to Exclusion: Jewish Fate in the Jászság in 1944
CEU History Department



Richard Borbás
The Politicization of Balkan Jewry prior to the First World War
CEU Nationalism Studies

Sebastian Lupak
The Persistence of Anti-Semitism in Polish Political and Social Life: Change and Continuity
CEU Nationalism Studies

Attila Novák
From "Salonzionismus" to a Mass Movement: a Short History of Zionist Activity in Hungary, 1938-1944
CEU Nationalism Studies

Ágoston Schmelowszky
Vision and History: an Interpretation of the Genesis of Early Jewish Mysticism
CEU Medieval Studies Department

István Török
Holocaust-Denial in Romania's Postcommunist Period
CEU History Department

Árpád Welker
Equality of Rights and/or Interests of the State: the Debate on Bill of Jewish-Christian Intermarriage in the Hungarian Parliament, 1883
CEU Nationalism Studies



Ines Astroukova
Jewish Identity in Bulgaria
CEU Nationalism Studies

Éva Lengyel
Anti-Jewish Legislation and the Civil Reaction it Provoked in Hungary between 1938 and 1944, from the Enactment of the First Jewish Law until the German Occupation of Hungary
CEU History Department

Bojan Todosijevic
Anti-Jewish and Anti-Gypsy Attitudes in Hungary and Yugoslavia: Social and Psychological Determinants
CEU Nationalism Studies

Zsuzsanna Vidra
The Concept of Assimilation in István Bibó's Writing: "The Jewish Question in Hungary after 1944"
CEU Nationalism Studies

Kati Vörös
The Image of "the Jew" in Nineteenth Century Hungarian Satirical Journals
CEU History Department

Roman Zakharii
Moses Schorr and Meir Balaban: Forgotten Eastern European Jewish Historians
CEU History Department



Kristin Faurest
A Society Erased: Jewish Life in Balassagyarmat between the Wars
CEU History Department



Eszter Andor
Jews and Gentiles in the Bürgerschule in Budapest in 1909/13
CEU History Department

Péter Apor
The Lost Deportations: Kunmadaras 1946
CEU History Department

Rebekah Klein
The Responses of Austro-Hungarian Jewry to the early Zionist Movement
CEU History Department



Artan Puto
The History of the Jewish Community in Albania
CEU History Department