Past Excursions

Winter School "Palaeography Skills in Jewish, General, and Legal History", Vienna/Jerusalem, February 12-22, 2023

February 12, 2023

Dr. Stephan Wendehorst of Vienna University, one of our partners in the Vienna Jewish Studies Colloquium, will organize on February 12-22 a Winter School "Palaeography Skills in Jewish, General, and Legal History" in which CEU students are cordially invited to participate, either in Jerusalem or in Vienna or online. Please find the link to the event below:


The Rabbinical Seminary of Budapest

March 21, 2012

For all those of the CEU community who are interested in the Jewish history of Budapest, CEU Jewish Studies offer a walking tour of the premises, synagogue and library of the Jewish University / Rabbinical Seminary led by Dr. Judith Karpati, a professor of this institution. We will learn about the history of what has been one of the major centers of Jewish learning in Europe, founded in 1877.

Appointment: 2:30 p.m., VIII, Bérkocsis utca 2.

The Historic Jewish District and the Former Ghetto Area

November 24, 2011

Interested Jewish Studies students are invited to join a walking tour to Budapest's seventh district, guided by Borbála Klacsman. We will visit, among other sites, Dohany Street Synagogue, Heroes' Cemetery and Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park, Carl Lutz Memorial, Rumbach Synagogue, Kiraly Street and the Memorial at the remnants of the ghetto wall.

CEU/ELTE Jewish Studies Field Trip

October 10, 2011

Students and faculty from the Jewish Studies programs at Central European University, Eötvös Lorant University (Budapest) and Palacký University (Olomouc, Czech Republic) took a two-day field trip to Jewish heritage sites in Western Slovakia. We visited the former synagogues of Stupava, Malacky, Senec, Trnava, Nitra, and Šurany, discovering monuments in various styles from Baroque to Bauhaus that bear witness to the religious and everyday life of all three Jewish currents that existed in the former Kingdom of Hungary.

The Medieval Jewish Quarters on Buda Hill: Recent Archaeological Excavations

March 17, 2011

Dr. András Végh, archaeologist at the Budapest Historical Museum, shows and explains the remains of the 13th-14th century Jewish residential quarter, its synagogue and ritual bath, which were discovered in the course of two archaeological digs he led on the western side of Szt. György Street in 1998-2000 and in 2004-2005