Yael Tamir

Yael Tamir was born in Israel in 1954. She holds a Ph.D. in Liberal Nationalism from Oxford University. Tamir is a Professor of Political Philosophy at Tel-Aviv University and a Research Fellow at the Hartman Institute of Jewish Studies. She is a member of the board of the Jerusalem Foundation and of the Israel Institute of Democracy. Prof. Tamir has authored a number of books and articles on various subjects, including liberalism, nationalism, and feminism. From 1980-1985 she was active in the Ratz party (now part of Meretz) and was one of the founders of the Peace Now movement. Since 1995, she has been active in the Labor Party. Yael Tamir served as Minister of Immigrant Absorption from August 1999 until March 2001. Her major book, Liberal Nationalism (Studies in Moral, Political, and Legal Philosophy) was first published in 1995.

Course Taught:

Can Liberal Nationalism be implemented? The Israeli Test-Case