MARCH 15-19, 2018


For the seventh consecutive year, the Jewish Studies programs of Central European University and Eötvös Loránd University have organized a joint field trip to the Jewish sights of a Central European region. This year's excursion led us to the world of the "port Jews" of the historical Austro-Hungarian littoral on the Adriatic Sea. Our itinerary passing through four countries brought us first to Nagykanizsa in Southwestern Hungary, to the medieval synagogue in Maribor, Slovenia, and to Ljubljana. Friday's highlights were the monumental synagogue of Trieste, the community museum presenting the city's history as a Jewish migratory, commercial and literary hub, and the synagogue in the former Jewish quarter of nearby Gorizia. After staying in Trieste for the Shabbat, we continued our trip to the memorial site of San Sabba, a rice factory turned into a concentration camp under the German occupation. Crossing the border into Croatia, we reached Rijeka, formerly Fiume, the second port of the Habsburg empire. On our way back through the snow-covered Croatian mountains, we visited the baroque city of Varaždin, including the Jewish cemetery and the remains of a synagogue that was transformed into a movie theater by the fascists. CEU postdoc fellow Laura Almagor planned this tour, which benefitted from explanations by several local scholars.