PhD graduates and theses

Andor Kelenhegyi

The Beast between Us. The Construction of Identity and Alterity through Animal Symbolism in Late Antique Jewish and Christian Tradition

CEU Department of Medieval Studies; 2017/11

Kata Bohus

Jews, Israelites, Zionists: the Hungarian State's Policies on Jewish Issues in a Comparative Perspective (1956-1968)
CEU History Department PhD theses; 2014/2 (230 p.)

Zsófia Buda

Sacrifice and Redemption in the Hamburg Miscellany: the Illustrations of a Fifteenth-Century Ashkenazi Manuscript
CEU Medieval Studies Department PhD theses; 2012/2 (297 pp.)

Ferenc Laczó

Between Assimilation and Catastrophe: Hungarian Jewish Intellectual Discourses in the Shadow of Nazism
CEU History Department PhD theses; 2011/1 (343 pp.)

Marioara-Camelia Craciun

Between Marginal Rebels and Mainstream Critics: [the First Group of Romanian Jewish Intellectuals]
CEU History Department PhD theses; 2009/2 (294 pp.)

Tamás Visi

The Early Ibn Ezra Supercommentaries: a Chapter in Medieval Jewish Intellectual History
CEU Medieval Studies PhD theses; 2006/3 (357 pp.)

Marie Crhová

Modern Jewish Politics in Central Europe: the Jewish Party of Interwar Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
CEU History Department PhD theses; 2006/7 (232 pp.)

Árpád Welker

Jewish Politics in Hungary: Jewish Parliamentary Politicians 1867-1890
CEU History Department PhD theses; 2006/4 (278 pp.)

Péter Bihari

A Forgotten Home Front: the Middle Classes and the Jewish Question in First World War Hungary
CEU History Department PhD Theses; 2005/3 (316 pp.)