Victor Karady

Victor Karady has been educated in Budapest and Paris, with degrees from the Sorbonne in sociology and demography. A member of the European Sociological Center since its foundation, he is emeritus research director with the French National Center for Scientific Research and recurrent visiting professor at the CEU. His main research interests lie in the history of the French universities and social sciences, ethnic and denominational inequalities of modernisation (especially in Central Europe), Jews in European societies since the Enlightenment.

His latest books include Gewalterfahrung und Utopie, Juden in der europäischen Moderne (Frankfurt a. M., Fischer, 1999); co-editor,L'enseignement des élites en Europe Centrale (19e-20e siècles), (Cracow, Ksiegarnia Akademicka, 1999); (in Hungarian) Self-Identification and Choice of Destiny, Studies in the Historical Transformations of Jewish Identity in Hungary (Budapest, Uj Mandatum, 2001.); (in Hungarian) co-author, Surname and Nation. Ethnic Power Relations and the Movement to Magyarise Alien Surnames from the Vormärz to Communism (Budapest, Osiris, 2002); (in Hungarian) :Survivors and Those Who Start Again, Chapters in the Sociology of Jews in Hungary after 1945 (Budapest, Mult es Jovo, 2002); co-author, The University of Kolozsvar/Cluj and the Students of the Medical Faculty (1872-1918) (Cluj-Budapest-New York, Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center and CEU Press, 2004); and The Jews of Europe in the Modern Era (Budapest, CEU Press, 2004).

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