1997 - 1998

Public Lectures 1997-1998

Art and Jewish History: Nationalism, Integrationism, Assimilation and the Work of Maurycy Gottlieb 
Ezra Mendelsohn, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Co-Sponsored by the Nationalism Studies Program and the History Department

Patterns of Jewish Identity in the Soviet Union And Post-Soviet Russia
Rashid Kaplanov, Moscow Centre for University Teaching of Jewish Civilisation "Sefer", Russia

Hitler's 'Willing Executioners' and the 'Final Solution'': The Goldhagen Debate and its Consequences
Konrad Kwiet, Centre for Comparative Genocide Studies Macquarie University, Australia

Martin Buber's Understanding of Zionism
Yigal Wagner, University of Haifa, Israel

Israel Vis-A-Vis the Jewish World at the Threshold of 2000
Yehuda Don, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel
Co-Sponsored By The History Department

The Non-Jewish Question or the Reasons of Unreason: Reflexions On Antisemitism
Victor Karady, Centre de Sociologie de l'Éducation et de la Culture, Paris

Coming Back to Austria After the Second World War: Experiences and Identity Conflicts of Austrian Jews
Christopher Reinprecht, Universität Wien, Institut für Soziologie
Co-Sponsored by the Austrian Institute of East and Southeast European Studies

Medieval Antisemitic Legends: Ritual Murder and Host Desecration
Edith Wenzel, Technical University of Aachen
Co-Sponsored by the Department of Medieval Studies

Facing the Jewish Past as a Road to Jewish Identity Today: The Case of the French Jewry
Evelyne Patlagean, Universite Paris X, Nanterre