2019 - 2020

Public Lectures 2019-2020


September 25, 2019
Holocaust Research in Hungary Today
Roundtable discussion (in Hungarian) organized by the CEU Jewish Studies Program and the Subcommittee of the Hungarian Academy of Science on the History of the Second World War, with András Kovács, CEU, Timea Jablonczay, Milton Friedman Egyetem, Ildikó Barna, ELTE, and Tamás Kovács, HDKE, moderated by Andrea Pető, CEU

February 4, 2020
Isaac Babel's 1920 Diary: How to Read Diaries as Ego-Documents
Michael Stanislawski, Columbia University

February 19, 2020
Between Prague and Nikolsburg: Jewish Life in the Bohemian Lands
Book presentation by Michal Frankl, Masaryk Institute and Archives of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and Michael Miller, Central European University, moderated by Agnes Kelemen, Masaryk Institute and Archives of the Czech Academy of Sciences


The CEU Jewish Studies Program, while being obliged to discontinue its Public Lecture Series from March 2020 due to the Covid-19 health crisis, has co-organized several online events.


May 13, 2020 (online)
Jewish Perspectives on the Spread of Chocolate, Coffee, and Tobacco in the Seventeenth Century
Carsten Wilke, Central European University

May 14 and 26, 2020 (online)
Jewish Survival and Revival in Early Modern Times

1. The Jews in the Renaissance: Humanists and Kabbalists (lecture)
2. Historical Thought and the Strategies of Jewish Survival (seminar)
David B. Ruderman
, University of Pennsylvania