1999 - 2000

Public Lectures 1999-2000

Peshev, The Man who Made a Whole Nation Feel Ashamed
Gabriele Nissim, writer and historian, Italy

Afterlife: Jewish Culture Without the Jews
Ruth Gruber, writer, USA

Screening: "Among Blind Fools"
Lecture: Rabbi Weissmandl and the Working Group of Bratislava: Oral History Against Ideology
Martin Smok, Film Director, Czech Republic

The Culture of the Jewish Shtetl on the Territory of Ukraine: History and Artistic Heritage
Irina Serheyeva, Oriental Department of the V. Vernads'ky National Library of Ukraine

Screening of the film, "The Last Days"
Produced by Steven Spielberg
Followed by a Discussion Led by Ivan Sanders

The Jews in Yugoslavia 1918-1941: Antisemitism and Strife for Equality
Ivo Goldstein, University of Zagreb

The Pogrom That Never Happened: Some Suggestions for the History of the Jews in Romania
Andrei Pippidi, University of Bucharest

Split in Two or Doubled? Chapters from the History of Russian-Jewish Literature (1860-1940)
Zsuzsa Hetényi, ELTE, Budapest

Isaiah Berlin's Enlightenment and Counter-Enlightenment
Robert Wokler, Collegium Budapest