I. Yearbook 1996 - 1999


András Kovács:

Randolph L. Braham:
Romanian Nationalists and the Holocaust: The Drive to Refurbish the Past 

Yehuda Don:
World Jewry and Israel; Economic Relations towards the Twenty-First Century

Zvi Gitelman:
Reconstructing Jewish Communities and Jewish Identities in Post-Communist East Central Europe 

Ladislau Gyémánt:
Limits of Tolerance in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century in Transylvania. The Case of the Jews. 

Klaus Hoedl:
Physical Characteristics of the Jews 

Victor Karady:
Jewish Over-Schooling Revisited: The Case of Hungarian Secondary Education under the Old Regime (1900-1941

Martha Keil:
 "Maistrin" (Mastress) and Business-Woman.
Jewish Upper Class Women in Late Medieval Austria 

András Kovács:
Jewish Assimilation and Jewish Politics in Modern Hungary 

Stanislaw Krajewski:
Jews, Communism and the Jewish Communists 

Konrad Kwiet:
"Hitler's Willing Executioners" and "Ordinary Germans".
Some Comments on Goldhagen's Ideas 

Shimon Markish:
Russian Jewish Literature after the Second World War and before the Perestroika 

Leonard Mars:
Anthropological Reflections on Jewish Identity in Contemporary Hungary 

Ezra Mendelsohn:
Art and Jewish-Polish Relations. Matejko and Gottlieb at the National Museum in Warsaw 

Diana Pinto:
The Third Pillar? Toward a European Jewish Identity. 

Christopher Reinprecht:
Jewish Identity in Postwar Austria: Experiences and Dilemmas 

Ivan Sanders:
Ancient Legends, Modern History. Jewish Themes in the Works of Illés Kaczér 


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