VIII. Yearbook 2011 - 2016

VIII. Jewish Studies Yearbook (2011-2016)

Table of Contents

Carsten Wilke:

Jana Vobecká:
Jewish Demographic Advantage: Low Mortality among Nineteenth-Century Bohemian Jews

Viktor Karady:
Jews in the Hungarian Legal Professions and among Law Students from the Emancipation until the Shoah

Gábor Kádár and Zoltán Vági:
Forgotten Tradition: The Morphology of Antisemitic Mass Violence in Nineteenth-and Twentieth-Century Hungary

Shlomo Avineri:
Karl Marx's Jewish Question(s)

Carsten Wilke:
Heinrich Graetz's Neologism "Marrano" and the Historiographial Paradox of the Non-Jewish Jew

Mihály Kálmán:
"The Second Judah Maccabee": Joseph Trumpeldor and the Jewish Legion in Russia

Gabriel Andreescu:
Antisemitic Issues in Orthodox Publications in Romania, 1920-1944

Henry de Montety:
The French Catholic Church and Antisemitism during World War II

Attila Jakab:
The Churches and the Holocaust in the Hungarian Catholic and Reformed Ecclesiastical Press

Attila Simon:
The Relationship of the Catholic and Lutheran Press to the Jews in Slovakia between 1919 and 1944

Michael L. Miller:
A "City and Mother in Israel" and its Place of Memory: The Jewish Cemetery in Nikolsburg (Mikulov), Moravia

Zsuzsa Hetényi:
Facts and Fiction in Vasily Grossman's Prose

Gábor T. Szántó:
A Twofold Minority: Does Modern European Jewish Literature Exist after the Holocaust? 

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