II. Yearbook 1999 - 2001

II. YEARBOOK (1999-2001)


András Kovács:

Esther Benbassa:
The process of Modernisation of Eastern Sephardi Communities 

Michael Brenner:
Jewish Culture in Contemporary America and Weimar Germany: Parallels and Differences 

Judit Frigyesi:
The Variety of Styles in the Ashkenazi Liturgical Service 

Ivo Goldstein:
The Jews of Yugoslavia 1918-1941: Antisemitism and the Struggle for Equality 

Ruth Ellen Gruber:
A Virtual Jewish World 

Zsuzsa Hetényi:
Split in Two or Doubled?

Victor Karady:
 The 'People of the Book' and Denominational Inequalities of Access to Primary School Libraries in Early-Twentieth Century Hungary 

Martha Keil:
Business Success and Tax Depts: Jewish Women in Late Medieval Austrian Towns 

John Klier:
New Politics of Old: A Reassessment of the Traditional Jewish Political Leadership in 1881-1882 

Gabriele Nissim:
The Man Who Made a Whole Nation Feel Ashamed. The Story of Dimitar Peshev, Vice-President of the Bulgarian Parliament 

Heidemarie Petersen:
'Daz man nit zol in der shtat gin...'. Jewish Communal Organisation in Sixteenth-Century Polish Towns

Andrei Pippidi:
The Pogrom that Never Happened 

Alvin H. Rosenfeld:
Primo Levi and the Germans

Dariusz Stola:
The Anti-Zionist Campaign in Poland 1967-1968

Robert Wokler:
Isaiah Berlin's Enlightenment and Counter-Enlightenment 


Michael L. Miller:
Samson Raphael Hirsch and the Revolution of 1848 

Árpád Welker:
 Between Emancipation and Antisemitism: The Jewish Presence in Parliamentary Politics in Hungary 1967-1884 

Marie Crhova:
Jewish Politics in Central Europe: The Case of the Jewish Party in Interwar Czechoslovakia 

Ksenia Polouektova:
Israeli Policies of Immigration and Immigrant Absorption: The Role of the Israeli Institutional System in the Social, Economic and Cultural Integration of the Mizrahim. From the Yishuv to the Early Years of Israeli Statehood 

Attila Novák:
A Chance Not Taken. Zionist-Hungarian Diplomatic Cooperation in the Second Half of the 1930's. 

Eszter Andorka:
Gendered Meals on Ethno-Religious Boundaries. The Role of Women in the Commensality at Early Christian Community Meals 


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